'Detroit in Black and White:' Part II on Controversial Techno Figure Derrick May

March 18, 2023, 5:04 PM

Host Adolph Mongo and co-hosts, attorney Venessa Moss and veteran journalist Allan Lengel talk with guests:

►Michael James, former reporter for the Detroit News, New York Daily News and ex-head writer for the Stephen A. Smith Show on ESPN, who returns for a second appearance to discuss his book on controversial Techno music figure Derrick May. May issued a statement to the podcast denying allegations raised by James about sexual assaults and fraud. **

►Keith Johnson, the former president of the Detroit Teachers Federation, talks about the Detroit's public schools' decision to reject an offer by someone to buy vacant Cooley High School. 

►Retired Michigan FBI agent Greg Stejskal talks about the FBI and politics and the agents who have bought into Trump's falsehoods.

►Dr. Cynthera McNeill, assistant professor of gerontology at Wayne State's College of Nursing, discusses health care in the city and educating residents on topics like nutrition. 

**Note: The Derrick May video played during the show was produced in 2006, not five years ago. 

Also Read Derrick May's complete statement regarding allegation by author Michael James.

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