Video: On 420 Day, Fox 2's Charlie Langton Put on the Spot: Do You Smoke Weed?

April 21, 2023, 11:01 AM

Fox 2's Charlie Langton on 420 Day

Pot. Cannabis. Weed. No matter what you call it these days, it's legal in Michigan.

Still, some folks feel a bit uncomfortable when asked publicly if they partake in the herb.

On Thursday, April 20, aka "420 Day" (an unofficial holiday celebrating pot), Fox 2's Charlie Langton went on Detroit's west side at Wyoming and Lyndon to the Detroit Herbal Center to interview people about marijuana.

At one point, an interviewee turns the table and asks Langton: "As far as weed, do you partake, Charlie?"

Langton replies: "Sometimes, sometimes...this is live television over here. My mother's watching."

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