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Things Not on the Menu at Some Royal Oak Restaurants: Cockroaches, moldy food and dirty kitchens

October 12, 2023, 1:03 PM

Oakland County Health Department inspectors found unappetizing things at some Royal Oak restaurants, according to a report in the Detroit News.

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Here's a sampling:

Camelias Mexican Grill, 1304 E. 11 Mile:  Aug. 3 inspection found flying insects throughout the kitchen, pink mold buildup in the ice machine and food with that had expired expiration dates.

Sake Sushi, 410 S. Main St.: Sept. 15 inspection found roaches, houseflies and small flies around the kitchen and soiled plumbing fixtures and exhaust hood canopy and filters.  

The News also includes details about violations at the following:

  • The Dessert Oasis, 115 S. Main St.
  • Pearl's Deep Dive, 100 S. Main St.
  • Boukie's Grill, 105 S. Main St.
  • Damatos, 222 Sherman Dr.
  • Al's Famous Deli, 32906 N. Woodward Ave.
  • Fifth Avenue, 215 W. Fifth St.

To read details click here. 


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